Enterprise Program

Focusing on independence, inclusion and productivity, the day program promotes lifelong learning opportunities through an Enterprise Program that stimulates mental, emotional and social growth. Enterprises are specially tailored to the individual’s interest, desires and abilities.

Jelks, along with assistant director Jennifer Hernandez, put together a special entrepreneurial program called Works of Wonder. The program teaches the center’s clients to make bath bombs, candles and jewelry from scratch.

Our current Enterprises include:

  • Candle Making
  • Pallet Wood Furniture
  • Jewelry Design

The sales of our Enterprises go to our Scholarship Program to help those who do not have the financial support to attend our program.

“Our WOW line is way for our clients to learn a new trade, as well as take pride in providing a valuable product to the community,” said Jelks. “We chose products that each involve a multi-stage process to produce. Every student, no matter what his or her abilities are, takes part in the creation of the products. From inception to final completion, everyone get a chance to work in in some capacity both individually and as a group.”

“We take pride in our clients, and they take pride in the skills they learn and value they provide,” said Jelks. “We want our men and women to feel encouraged and involved. Whether you stop in to purchase an item or just to say ‘hello,’ that goes a long way toward fostering a spirit of community involvement. It also just brings joy to everyone involved.”